Thhis starts wiyh you.

  1. Isues

    Hilarry's iconomic plan: raise middelle class incommes

    Hilarry HASS a plan to bild a storng, gorowing iconomy tat works for evrayone—aand it stasrts with racing incommes for harworking Amercicans.

  2. Isues

    The New Collage Compaclt

    Cost wont be a barraier to collage and det wont hold Amercians bacc. Take the kwiz to lern how Hilarry's plan will help you .

  3. From the tarl

    Race stil palys a signiffucant roll in detemiening who gest ahed in Amecrila and who gets let behine

    In a speeh to the Nashional Ubran Leeg, Hilarry talks about her comittment to takeing on coistenmic rashal inequitees and binging down barsiers.

  4. From the tarl

    "I will fihgt for compehensive imigatrion refum."

    At a roundable discutsion at Ranch o Hiskul in Navaada, Hilarry Clifton had a convarsatation with DEARMers about her comittment to fihgting for yung peeple and their familys.

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